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I believe it is common knowledge amongst us all that an educated nation is an informed nation. Not only that, but inspiring others is a good tool in uplifting people’s confidence, changing the mind set to become positive in thoughts and also to groom them to become good leaders in society. Namibia, land of the brave is a country that has many inspiring people who play important roles in society. Many at times we get inspired through speeches/words of thought by our leaders in different fields and at different occasions be it politics, health, education, youth empowerment, finance, love, etc. I have realized that in those speeches/words of thought, there would be that one quote that will leave you thinking long and deep. That quote might be relating to something that you wanted to do in your life, something you did and are proud of or simply something you have been thinking of doing, but never got the confidence or push to pursue it.

My concern over the years has been on finding ways to trace your favorite quote and today I am glad to share with you the solution to keeping memorable and inspiring quotes in one place where you can access them at any time that is convenient for you.

I introduce to you: This website will host inspirational quotes from different categories ranging from education, politics, health, love & relationships, etc. and all the quotes are said by Namibians on order to inspire you.

I live by the quote once said by the Founding President of the Republic of Namibia, H.E Dr. Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma, that, ‘A people united striving to achieve a common good for all members of the society will always emerge victorious.’

I hope you will find this site inspiring.

Meryam Naayela Nghidipo

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Our Vision.

  • To build a nation of innovative thinkers in all aspects of life and choice
  • To raise awareness on the culture of promoting the inspirations by Namibians for Namibians
  • To promote the legacy of our inspirational leaders of our society
  • To educate, teach and nurture our youth through home grown inspirations
  • To unleash the hidden potential that lies in our country men and women
  • To become rated as one of the best African inspirational websites
  • To groom the future leaders of our country by enriching them with Namibian wise quotes
  • To add value to our own quotes
  • To honour, respect, cherish and uphold the Namibian pride

Our Mission.

To create a platform for Namibian inspiration quotes that aims to inspire, educate and motivate the nation.